Month: November 2021

Communication Skills

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On Monday 22/11, the Explorers took part in several different communication themed activity bases comprising of Semaphore, Morse Code, String Telephones and Blind Folded Mine Field. We also looked ahead to next year to plan and agree our D of E expedition groups so we can start training in the new year.

Bird Boxes

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On Monday 15th November, the Explorers built bird boxes to be put up around the scout HQ. Using a gravel board per group, they measured, cut, and constructed the bird boxes from scratch following a set of instructions (although each groups looked nothing like the supposed finished article!!!).

Some decided to further customise their boxes by adding decorations and even a front deck! Most importantly of all though, is all of the Explorers still have all of their fingers even after letting them loose with saws (under supervision)!!!

Halloween Games 2021

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Tonight at Explorers, we celebrated Halloween with an evening of Halloween Games at Stanford Scout Campsite. We played spot the ghost (German Spotlight), Capture the Pumpkin and Donut Eating without using your hands or licking your lips. To make the donut game even harder, we used jam donuts which left many of the explorers covered in jam!!!

If your interested in joining us, please do get in touch.