Month: February 2022

Ready Steady Cook

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This evening the Explorers took part in a ready steady cooking competition. Tasked with making two different dishes, the teams battled it out over the evening to make a creamy pancake and leek parcel as well orange caramel pancakes. The results were varied however there was one clear team that came out on top!

Next week we don’t have a formal meeting but our D of E Silver groups will meet for some additional prep.


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From 19.40 on 7th Feb the Explorers became fugitives. Their goal was to return to 4th Worth HQ at 21.20 precisely where they will be rescued by benevolent forces (also known as their parents) after a debriefing.

A handful of them used guile and cunning to avoid the hunter forces who roamed Crawley. They were considered captured if a hunter team was able to gain a clearly identifiable photograph of one of the team whilst on the run. Many fell to this fate!!!

A few of our photo captures are below.