Month: March 2022

Hungry Hippos

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On Monday 28th, we did various skill games including compass bearing shapes, team building exercises and hungry hippos! Originally we had planned to have a police visit but COVID disrupted that, we will reschedule for the summer term!

First Aid Training

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This evening, the explorers practised their first aid skills. We looked at CPR, Recovery Position, Broken Bones, Choking and General First Aid Processes. This is to prepare them for a summer of D of E expeditions!

Thanks to Elaine who came and lead the session. A few photos are below.


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This evening the Explorers played Badminton at Oriel High School. We played several games including round robin, keep the shuttlecock off the floor and some competitive matches. Well done to Franklin and Avighna for winning tonight even beating the leaders!

Edible Pioneering and Games

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This evening the Explorers had to complete various challenges including building an origami paper boat which would float for the longest time and a free standing tower from Spaghetti, Marshmellow and Strawberry Laces.

Various styles were adopted but all of the teams were successful in building a tower which at least was worthy of measurement.

We also played a few games including jump rope and a chair switching game.