Month: May 2022

Ready Steady Bake!

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This evening, our Explorers battled out to be crowned as master bakers! Tasked with baking 12 jubilee cupcakes, the teams all took very different approaches. Much food colouring and many decorations were used with some of the results being described as “eggy” or ”solid”. Well done to the winning team who’s cupcakes would rival Betty Crockers!

Bronze D of E Practise Expedition

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On Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May 2022, 10 Explorers undertook their Bronze D of E Practise Expedition in Ashdown Forest. Setting off from Old Lodge, they headed North through the Five Hundred Acre Wood, visiting Pooh Sticks Bridge before heading through Newbridge towards Broadstone Warren. Both groups arrived in high spirits (although most had sore feet from the 18km hike!). After an evening in camp learning expedition camp craft, the teams both set off around Weir Wood Reservoir for the second day. Slightly slower and with slightly more limping, the two teams passed through the various checkpoints (without getting too lost!).

Both teams successfully completed their practise and have learnt a lot which they will take into account when they complete the qualifier in July. Well done to both teams, good teamwork and memories were made this weekend which will certainly prepare both groups to progress past Bronze to higher level awards in future!