Month: June 2022

Tomahawk Throwing

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This week, Shackleton Explorers had an evening of Tomahawk Throwing to build on the taster session last year. Several of them were naturals managing to perfectly hit the target over and over… others were not so practised!!!

They also spent some of the waiting time, planning their upcoming assessed expeditions and attempting to build match stick rockets with limited success!

A few photos are available below:

Tent Maintenance and Games

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As we approach the summer, it was time for us to hold a tent maintenance evening ahead of our upcoming summer camps. Many broken poles were repaired and our shiny new mess tent was put up for the first time.

Now thats out if the way, our next few weeks are back to more exciting activities including tomahawks and rafting.

District Explorer Scout Administrator Investiture … at height 

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Tonight Shackleton and SRF Explorers held a joint meeting taking part in Climbing and Abseiling. In total 40 Explorers attended.

During the evening, we also took the opportunity to present Zac with his YL buckle and invest Dipti, our District Explorer Scout Administrator. Not wanting to waste the fantastic facility, we decided to do an investiture at height as the pictures below show.

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