Month: September 2022

Archery and Fire Lighting

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Over the past 2 weeks, the unit split into 2 and did fire lighting and archery at Stanford Scout Campsite.

The explorers started fires using a variety of techniques including flint and steel, exothermic chemical reactions and electricity!

Congratulations to Nathan who was our most accurate archer!


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This evening we held a taskmaster evening. 5 different challenges to compete to be crowned the winners from the evening and secure lots of sweets! The tasks were varied including potato art, creating a like for like portrait of the unit leader using only natural materials, eat one, balance 1 and throw, egg chariots and story time.

We also spoke to several of the Explorers and managed to sign off 4 CSA platinums by looking back at the last 18 months of their scouting. There are 4 more close behind so keep getting those D of E sections signed off!

A big thanks to Katie for organising the evening, enjoy your much needed rest at university and see you soon!