Month: January 2024

Pioneering – Catapults and Ballistas

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This evening, the Explorers practised their pioneering skills to build devices capable of projecting bean bags as far as possible. Each group designed and built their device with varying levels of success!

Well done to the winning group who managed to fire the entire length of the main hall!

A few photos are below:

Jan – April 2024 Programme and 2024 Events

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We are pleased to share our upcoming programme and 2024 events with you below. As this year our efforts are focused on the international expedition, we are unlikely to hold either Survival Camp or Winter Camp, so we encourage you to attend the events above still open to you!

Programme Jan 2024 to April 2024

DateActivityLocationOther Details
01/01/2024No Meeting – Xmas
08/01/2024Scavenger Hunt4th WorthUniform plus outdoor coat
15/01/2024Expedition Kit / Packing Guide / Games4th WorthUniform (you will need to bring your expedition kit in too)
22/01/2024Night HikeTBCHiking Clothing
29/01/2024Build a Ballista4th WorthUniform
05/02/2024Pancake Challenge4th WorthUniform
12/02/2024No Meeting – Half Term
19/02/2024Compass Skills ChallengeGrattons ParkUniform
26/02/2024Backwoods Cooking – PizzaStanfordUniform
04/03/2024Rifle Shooting / Crossbows (Part 1)4th WorthUniform
11/03/2024Skills Bases4th WorthUniform
18/03/2024Rifle Shooting / Crossbows (Part 1)4th WorthUniform
25/03/2024Easter Egg Hunt / Wide GamesStanfordEaster Fancy Dress!
01/04/2024No Meeting – Easter
08/04/2024No Meeting – Easter

Key Upcoming Events (To add to your Diary!)

DateEventOther Details
02/03/2024Monopoly RunLondon – Bookings Closed
29/03/2024 – 01/04/2024Mountain Activity CampCornel, North Wales
04/05/2024 – 06/05/2024Silver D of E PractiseNew Forest
08/06/2024Bronze D of E Training DayAshdown Forest
22/06/2024 – 23/06/2024Bronze D of E AssessmentAshdown Forest
25/07/2024 – 08/08/2024Sweden ExpeditionSweden
24/08/2024 – 26/08/2024Silver D of E AssessmentNew Forest
05/10/2024Downsman HikeSouth Downs
31/10/2024 – 03/11/2024Gold D of E PractiseDartmoor / TBC