Month: March 2024

Easter Egg Hunt

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For the last meeting of term, we met at Stanford Scout Campsite for an Easter egg hunt. Groups had to go out and hide eggs and record their what3word locations before swapping with another team to go and seek out the hidden eggs.

The success of teams varied greatly in seeking out the eggs however everyone got some chocolate!

A few photos are below:

Crossbows and Shooting

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On Monday the unit was split in 2. Half were air rifle shooting and the other half were doing crossbows. A few photos are below.

Monopoly Run

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Last weekend, 29 Explorers took part in Monopoly Run Live.

Monopoly Run “Live” is an action-packed day visiting all corners of London. Competing against Scouts and Guides from all around the UK.

The app allows teams to play the game by geo-location check in at all the locations. It will also keep you up to date as a team with your current position in your game, as well as providing you with real-time information via the team statistics page and real-time push notifications.

In addition to the gameplay, teams will also have the opportunity to earn extra money by taking part in our team challenges and also our cryptic quiz.

Our teams finished as follows:

Click on the links below to view our team’s post-run analysis: