Month: March 2023

Expedition Training

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On Monday we rotated around 4 expedition training bases covering:

  • First Aid
  • Route Cards / Navigation
  • Tents
  • Expedition Cooking

We also did some programme planning for next term and finalized details for our mountain activity camp next week.

Monopoly Run Live 2023

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On Saturday 4th March, 24 Explorers set out to London for Shackleton’s first attempt at the monopoly run. Fuelled by much coffee, sweets and fast food, the Explorers competed against 7000 other scouts to try and be crowned champion. Many steps were walked in a day and the Explorers all looked very worn out by the end of the day! All of our teams were involved in Game 35 and the results were as follows:

Game – 35

Game PositionOverall PositionTeamScout GroupBank Balance
1201Fluffy SheepsShackleton ESU£3992
2246BlackberriesShackleton ESU£3561
3538Pretzel Twists5th St. Ives Scouts£1188
4612Red Onions5th St. Ives Scouts£690
5673AntShackleton ESU£285
6698AvengersShackleton ESU£120
71135AddidasShackleton ESU£-2533

Well done to all of our teams and thanks to the organisers for a great event. A few photos of the event are below.